New Year 2017: Spreading Happiness with Cards

Does starting a new year have you reorganizing, making new goals, and looking forward to things you’d like to improve upon in 2017?

While I’ve long ago stopped making true “New Year’s Resolutions”, I still take time to think about what I’d like to see change in the year ahead and what I can do, if anything, to make those changes.

In a time where sending cards seems to be dropping off, I’ve decided to send more this year.  Why?  Because people love getting them. Which means I’m spreading happiness by sending them! Even those that say, “That was a waste of money to send” are happy you thought of them and sent them a card.  It shows them you DID think THEY were worth the money to send the card.  So, I will be sending more cards to spread joy,   because we don’t know what other people are going thru, but EVERYONE CAN USE A SMILE.

The new Sale-A-Bration 2017 set “Hey Chic” has a funny chicken which brings a smile to my face and these cards will hopefully bring joy to those who receive them. They will be my first mail outs in this new year.

I think they’ll spread some happiness, don’t you?

We know 2017 will be filled with ups & downs.  Life can be rough sometimes and so wonderful at others.  My wish for all of you in this new year is that you support others AND feel supported thru the good & bad in 2017.  Care. Share. Inspire. Spread happiness in 2017!

Until next time…


P.S. There were no entries and therefore no winners in the Happy Holidays Drawing.


2 thoughts on “New Year 2017: Spreading Happiness with Cards”

  1. Happy New Year, Joanne!

    You are doing an awesome job with your site. I enjoy all your new card and layout ideas. Krista and I are looking forward to the next card class. I was soooo happy Christmas morning, because Krista went with her papa shopping for my gifts. She choose some really awesome scrapbooking items. All in all my family and I had a wonderful Christmas! Hope you did as well. See you soon until then take care and stay warm!

    Elaine and Krista

    1. Elaine, I’m glad you are enjoying the site. Being new at all this blogging stuff, I’m still trying to figure a lot of it out. It is nice to hear when people enjoy & find things useful. Krista is quite the little crafty one herself; so I have no doubt she choose some very nice Christmas gifts. I’ll be happy when card class restarts too. It is nice seeing everyone and I’m already looking forward to those nice Spring days. Have fun crafting with your new supplies!

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