Card Preparation 101

Today I wanted to share a little preparation and organization which helps me get and keep my crafty mojo when it comes to card making.  It is very simple: I keep this box stocked so I’m ready to craft:

I have this plastic bin which I have filled with card bases 4.25″x5.5″ and mats in 3 sizes: 4″x5.25″, 4 1/8″x5 3/8″, 3.75″x5″.

Card bases are pre-scored and folded. I try to keep 4-6 of each color available. However, I’m currently running low on a few colors and some colors I don’t use frequently enough to create bases.

Shimmery White cardstock is kept to the left so that I know exactly where it is.

I like to keep my photos which need to be scrapped in this side area as well.

How I have benefited from this card preparation

  • I always have things ready to go and can sit down and craft with basic preparation done.
  • I can see which colors I use most AND know exactly when I need to make more card parts and/or order that color cardstock.
  • It is inspirational just looking at the rainbow of colors and having them at my fingertips!
  • It helps me ‘try-out’ different color bases for a card when they are easily accessible.
  • On days I want to craft but don’t feel so inspired, preparing card bases and mats allows me to accomplish something which I know I’ll appreciate when my creativity returns.

I have begun to create a similar system for my scrapbooking by prepping photo mats in frequently used sizes and colors.  I think this too will be very useful for days I just want to sit and create.

Please share in the comments the ways you keep your mojo flowing by preparing things ahead and/or keeping them organized at arms reach.

Until next time…



2 thoughts on “Card Preparation 101”

  1. Hi Joanne,
    Just read your Card Prep 101. What a wonderful idea!!! I’m going to organize paper that way because every time I sit down to craft I spend more time finding the paper supplies needed for a project than actually doing the project. Thought I was semi-organized but evidently not.
    Keep on crafting,

  2. Sue,
    It has been so great to sit down & know I have a few basics already cut & at my fingertips. I still have full sheets since I only make about 6 card bases & 6 or less mats of any color at one time. So any large pieces I need for die cutting or scrapbooking are still available.
    I hope you find it helps you create more. After all, that is the fun part!

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