Three Quick Tips For Crafting & Stamping

Today I thought I’d share three tips about things I use almost every time I stamp.

1. If you are stamping, chances are you have some dirty acrylic stamp blocks in your life. They may even be a bit sticky from the adhesive you use. Hand sanitizer to the rescue! Put hand sanitizer on the block and use a paper towel to rub. You’ll love having clean blocks and your cling stamps will cling better.

Cleaning inky blocks

2. Keeping this inexpensive “Absorber” at your fingertips to clean ink off your stamps makes it so easy to keep them clean. For deeper crevices in your stamps the Stampin’ Scrub will do the work, but cleaning with this first will prevent all that extra ink in your Scrub & constant trips to the sink to rinse it out. One rinse to moisten, a bowl to keep it in so your area & projects don’t get wet, and a rinse when you’re done playing for the day is all you need. You can even moisten and take it to a crop in a baggie for the day. Just remember to let it breath so it doesn’t get germ growth.Cleaning stamps with the Absorber

3. Liquid glue, especially this great Mono Adhesive, is so useful in crafting, but getting the glue to the tips is the disadvantage of this adhesive. Keep a constant flow to your glue by propping it in a lid. I found the small trial size hairspray lids to be a great size. Now the glue is always at the tip when I need it.

Liquid glue tip

I hope you find these tips useful in your crafting.

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Three Quick Tips For Crafting & Stamping”

  1. What wonderful tips! Now I know to use hand sanitizer to get the adhesive off my blocks. They are looking pretty nasty. Thanks, Joanne.

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