About Me

Hi! I’m Joanne Hodge.

You may be wondering why I chose the name Crafty Mademoiselle for my blog.  For those here in the USA who do not know French, Mademoiselle means “Miss”.  It is therefore a hybrid of things I have loved doing in my life: Crafts & teaching French.  Having responded to Mademoiselle Hodge during my years as a French teacher, the name has stuck.  I  have not been a French teacher or had much opportunity to maintain my language skills since 2002, but it will always be part of me, just as being crafty is part of me.

My interest in artistic crafts extends as far back as I can remember. I was blessed to have a father who was a skilled woodworker & who taught Industrial Arts. I learned to paint ceramics and build birdhouses before I could write my name.  Years of creativity led to my interest in other arts and my craft resume includes: sewing, crocheting, cross-stitching, knitting, oil painting, floral design, candle making, card making, scrapbooking, primitive wood crafts, and rubber stamping. Stamping happens to be my absolute favorite AND the reason I started this blog.

Stamping is a hobby I’ve always truly loved.  Even as a French teacher I would integrate stamping into my day.  I had rubber stamps for graded student papers, stamps for students to design holiday cards (messy, but a fun way to teach the language), & stamps as rewards.  Around this time in my life,  I also discovered Stampin’ Up! as a customer; their quality and designs have had me hooked since!  My first SU! stamps date back to 1995.  I still have every stamp set I ever purchased from SU!  Yes, it is a lot of stamps!  It has only been a short time since I decided to try to support my hobby by becoming a demonstrator.  I am usually my best customer, but if I can get some of my stamps and materials for free that is a win! I love stamping and creating.  It is truly a fun time to sit and create with ink, stamps, and paper. It is with joy & happiness that I intend to share this hobby of mine. It is my hope that you would also find a day of crafting to be a good day and hopefully pick up a few tips, tricks, and ideas from me along the way; reality is teaching never leaves you if it is a part of you.  Just like stamping & crafting have never left me either.  So, I’ll always truly be Crafty Mademoiselle [Hodge].