A Quick Stocking-Stuffer for the mint lovers on your list

I found these mints at the local grocery store and thought they would make a cute, inexpensive (the package of 3 was just $1.99) stocking-stuffer gift. They are called “Amuse Mints (r)” if anybody wishes to find them.


The names on the tins helped guide me as I made the wrappers I put on them.  Because the top of this tin is slightly larger than the bottom, that took just a couple minutes longer to get a nice snug fit. They won’t slip out unless you give the tin a little nudge.  You wouldn’t want them falling out as someone reaches in their stocking to pull them out!


The final dimensions on the wraps themselves are:

  • 5 1/8″x2 15/16″
  • Score @ 3/4″, 1 3/8″, 3 1/8″, 3 3/4″
  • Put your tear tape on the 3/4″ section and attach to 3 3/4″ side (larger side on top and should be flush with the score line-making it look seamless on the outside)
  • If using Designer Series Paper (like the snowman design) cut this to :         1 1/2″x 2 5/8″

The Mint tins are individually wrapped too and simply slide in and out either side of the wraps, with a gentle push.

You can decorate these any way you wish.  I had a few punches lying nearby and quickly made up these three.  I think I’ll be getting more of them to decorate with the Cookie Cutter builder, Owl builder, and Fox builder punches too.–Mints for everybody! 🙂


While I plan on using these as stocking-stuffer and small just because gifts, these would be great craft fair projects too.

Thanks for looking!

Until next time…